Meet Our Freelancers


E-Jay is a single mother in her late thirties.  Her current relationship status is "can't be bothered". She lives a crazy life with a 14 year old daughter, 2 cats and a chihuahua. Her household is straight out of Malcolm in the Middle, but she's like the dad, no one is scared or listens to her. She has no routine and lives life by the seat of her pants winging pretty much all of it. She's been unsuccessfully engaged twice and been in a stupid amount of bad relationships. If you want advice on how to be in a bad relationship, she's your girl!


KK is a bad ass chick. She has gone through it all, with all situations thrown at her and still has a smile on her face most days. She doesn’t know how she does it but she’s pretty impressed with herself for not throwing a table across the room every other day. Despite being in her twenties, KK is a mother to two grown men (one being her fiancé, the other one her brother-in-law), one nephew and two puppies. Her current relationship status is “its finally happening”: said fiancé recently proposed after 8 and half years of being together (as they say, better later than never!)  but now holy shit, she’s scared the bubble is going to burst. Before meeting him, she had had multiple relationships and can truly say she has regrets with more than a few of them. Her life has been a whirlwind but she keeps going in any other situation and is achieving more every day in both her work and home life. KK is that one friend you can unload on and who is always there for you no matter what.